Salles Lab

Bats are gregarious animals that have well developed audio-vocal systems and produce ultrasonic vocalizations to navigate their environment, and also they produce social communication calls that vary in complexity, form, and function. Furthermore, vocal learning has been described in a handful of bat species. Thus, bats emerge as a key mammalian model to bridge the research on auditory communication and complex sound processing across taxa. By using electrophysiological, behavioral and molecular approaches the lab aims to investigate how the brain of these auditory specialists processes social communication sounds and how they develop their vocal repertoire.


Short talk at the Brain Investigators virtual meeting 2020 in the panel "Expanding Species Diversity in Neuroscience"

Click to hear about Bats, Brains and Behavior, my postdoctoral work and why bats are a fantastic animal model for neuroscience.

Photo: Dr. Brock Fenton